Friday, March 11, 2011

Wear It Right Campaign

Source from Sue Anna Joe
Howdy bloggers :)
Hope you're all doing fine and well. I took the above picture from sis Sue Anna Joe blog.. It's a new campaign where it promotes to melabuhkan your hijab until it covers your chest. Hope you guys do support it, yes? :) to the Muslims who wears hijab, do support it
I tell you one thing, I'm still not perfect in perfecting my ways of keeping my aurat..theheee. But, InsyaAllah, I hope I will keep on getting better at it..

I'm not sure what hits me or if I've fall recently on the pavement while walking to class, shopping malls or what, but....lately I can feel that when I wear something too tight, I feel kinda embarassed.. I mean, it's not a bad thing or anything ok? :) but t's kinda funny thinking back then, I don't really feel that way. In fact, I feel proud when I wear something that shows off my curves (?) haha. But lately, Alhamdulillah, I feel that it doesn't take too tight clothes or something like that for me to become fashionable. But STILL, I'm STILL trying :')

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