Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Who Is Hana Tajima?

Oh..sungguh best dapat spend masa depan lappie sambil menulis blog dan mendengar laguu :P

So, lately there's quite a stir on who is Hana Tajima? I, myself, wondering who is she? I googled about it and here are some info on who is Hana Tajima :)

Born and raised in the UK, with a Japanese father and an English mother, her name is Hana Tajima-Simpson. She's a designer & Creative Director of Maysaa, a line that sells clothing of high fashion at a high street price

Eeee.. comelkan? hehehe. I think she can be one of an icon of the modern Muslimah. I think some people are still in a thinking or perception that we Muslimah are very conservative, very close minded, and the lists go on and on. Some even think that we are trying to persuades/preach others to become a Muslim.. I mean, no offence, but I think people should know that just because we're wearing hijab on our head, doesn't mean we're going to catch you, tie you up and make you convert or anything and preach our beliefs and whatsoever. Don't just stereotype people. You might know two or three Muslims that are extremes and went into the news, but that doesn't make the rest billions of Muslims are extremist/terrorists too. Even in the subject of Social Science Statistics, there's a few method, tables, that determines the sample size of a population. It doesn't take 10 or 20 'terrorists' samples to determines the billions of population. Haha that's Human Resource to you! Apply it! ;)

Get to know other people first, get to know me first, then you will know what I am like :)

Peace yow!

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