Friday, January 7, 2011

Of Wishes and New Year

The early poyo-ish face of 2011 lol

Hello readers! :D
I just wanna wish thank you to all of you who are kind enough to take your time reading my blog, though I doubt if my blog is ever interesting ^__^ honestly, I think my language/words/grammar are quite boring with pretty same sentence everytime hehe. I've read others blogs who in my opinion, I think are quite interesting and they're never boring to be read again and again and again :)

How was your new year celebration? Mine wasn't that interesting if compared to you (yes you! Right there reading). But it's ok with me :) pretty much the same thing every year when it comes to new year. So basically I'm quite super excited for tomorrow, as the first class for the new semester starts. I know, some of you might say, boringggg. But not really for me. Guess I can't wait to open those books, attend classes and learn new things again. Pffft sounds so poyo right? haha -.-;

Anyway, 2010 had been quite a heck of year alright. So many things happened. It's quite a challenging year for me and was a year where I learnt that we tends to appreciate things more when they aren't there and never to forget who you are or in other words, jangan lupa diri. Sometimes, when we senang, everything goes on well in our daily life, we tends to bangga diri with what we have, with our belongings, too proud of ourself and starts to look down on others who are less fortunate.. :) I guess it's ok to be proud but not to a point where what we do will make others say "oh, bongkak ah dier nih, saje nak menunjuk nunjuk" and bla bla bla :P

Anyway, I have list down some of the things that I want to achieve in 2011. It says "some things" because most of the time, other/more wishes will come at the middle of the year haha :P

1. To study hard and smart and achieve all A's. Increase my CGPA
2. To throw away my remaining fat haha a.k.a become more skinny
3. To read more in order to increase my knowledge in fashion and my language/grammar/use of words
4. To hangout with my good friends from school times :)

I guess that's all for now :P

Ttyl peeps <3

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