Friday, January 28, 2011

Of Lies and Bebel?

"You can know if people are lying when they give you words or statement that are different after a few days, weeks or months from the first time they give you the answers. Other things that indicates they're lying is when they refuse to answer by avoiding or by choosing to stay silent. Some will show their anger for a reason, that you think the causes of the anger they're showing doesn't make sense. People will do that because they know it's a lie and they're angry that others knew the truth. If it involves two or more person, you will know that they're lying when different person gives different statements, contradicting from one and another"

Actually, this post have nothing to do about lying hehe. Since I was young, I had been reading
my father's books on Lies & How to Identify One, countless newspaper and magazine articles regarding about lies & how to identify them, and videos like YouTube. Yes I can read others verbal and non verbal language and interpret them (pretty much) even though I never had a formal lesson how. Sounds funny but try me? haha.

What this post is actually about is about friends. I used to be quite naive when it comes to friendships. I used to think the word 'keep and don't tell' when friends becomes feuds were a myth. I mean when you were friends with someone, obviously there will be a secret or two that you tell them. But when a feud happens, will the secrets you told or received be kept and zipped? Or will it be a public story that you will tell and share with others? Just because you think it's ok as you guys are not friends anymore? For me, it's ok if you're telling your husband/fiance/bf/wife/gf because they do have the right to know.

But that aside, how about others besides them? I started believe 'keep and don't tell' from my friend Aida. I agree with what she said, one should be professional with it. It's a mature thing to do to not tell everything, even irrelevant things that once used to be told to you, to others acknowledgement, just because you aren't friends anymore. There's no need to put others on shame. But sometimes, we tell everything to others because there's something that we're not satisfied about or something that we dislike.

We lie. Everyone does. There are so many reasons why we lie.

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