Thursday, October 21, 2010

What Am I Like As A Girlfriend

I suck at being a girlfriend. Here are reasons why ;)

1. I'm a boring, traditional, sensitive type of person. Boring: I dislike going to club. A place where people lose their minds, get into fist fights, dress half-naked, and god knows what else are there. Yea, I'm not FUN. I don't like people getting drunk because it makes them do stupid things that eventually will embarass themselves. Why make fool of yourselves and think it's ok? Traditional: I dislike it when people disturbs other people's privacy. I have been taught by my parents since I was young that there are curfews in visiting others home. You can't go to their home whenever you want without caring/noticing what time it is. Unless if the person you're visiting is your best friend in the whole world =.=; Sensitive: I can get sensitive over small matters.

2. Texting everyday. I texts almost every hour. Most probably because I'm bored and have nothing to do. Aha =.=; I also texts my friends though. People can say or have any perceptions they want, but bear in mind, one day, when you fall deeply in love with someone, you will want to get in contact with them almost every second. There's a feeling inside of you called 'miss'. You will miss that person. I know. Sounds really lame. But hey, let me just fall in love and feel that love feeling while I can :)

3. I can be the most patient person and yet the most childish people you know. I can be really patient on certain things and yet, there are times where I will act like a child and you will be annoyed

4. I'm an emotional person. I like dedicating songs, lyrics. Sounds eww :P but I like doing that

5. Never regrets showing yourselves together or showing PDA's. I don't mind showing how much I care for people that I love in front of other people.. Even thing as simple as saying 'I love you'. I know, it might be embarassing for some, but not me :)

6. I can get curious and perhaps jealous easily.. People can call me 'kolot' but wtf anyways. I ask you, do you get that a glint of feeling when other girls hugs your guy? Well, I do. I don't like it when people get touchy feely with the guy.. I'm NOT OK with that. No matter even my guy is as old as Hugh Heffner or Professor Dumbledore, I will still dislike it when a female besides their siblings/mom/aunts touching them. I know, some might say, touching doesn't mean a thing. Then WHY TOUCH in the first place? Correct? ;)