Sunday, September 5, 2010

Scouring The Mall Part 1

Hello people :) Done your shopping for the festive seasons yet? Today, me and my parents went out to Low Yatt Plaza and Sungei Wang Plaza to get some shopping. You must be wondering why the title of this post have Part 1? Maybe it's because I still haven't 'done' my shopping yet lmao :P yup still haven't done the full shopping list. I've only managed to get two things over 3 or 4 hours of walking and wondering in the mall @___@ but the two things that I found is worth it alright. Each of the item costs below RM30. Lets look at the piccies :)

The cotton dress that I bought. It have these cute little polkadots :) I'm planning to pair it with a leather/PVC black/gray quarter length long slightly puffy sleeve jacket (haha that's kinda long to spell) and a pair of black gladiator sandals :P then for tudung, wear the long gray Syrian tudung/shawl

How the fabric of the dress looks upclose :)

The bangles :D they have 7 in a set. I rarely bought accesories like necklace, bangles, ring, etc, but these precious ones right here caught my attention because it looks kinda like rockers :)

It was worth every penny that dad spent hehe :p
Besides that, we also went into the Levis shop. Honestly I've never own a Levis and I don't know how the size will be and don't know if it will fit because I've been into the Levis shops before and seeing the sizes are kinda small, I was scared if they don't have my size. But to my astonishment, I was shock that my size is 31 and I fit into size 31-and-the-skinnies-types-of-jeans! Hahahaha. =.="

Anyway, I didn't bought the Levis because most of the colours that the shop assistant gave me was kinda blah :/ maybe I will try and look into another Levis shop? I mean, the 'attention' and the way they serve the customers are nice and well, but I tend to buy things without my conscious and regrets them later if I did buy in that shop. It happened so many times before =.="

Well, gonna get some house chores done :)