Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Missing JB

Hello dear readers :)

I'm currently in my house in JB. We (me, my sister and my parents) arrived here yesterday afternoon. I've packed some of my stuffs to bring back to KL. Clothes, shoes, books and files ^^ As you all know (or maybe didn't know ^^'), I miss JB. Hella missing JB. I miss the car plate numbers that starts with the alphabet J, I miss the weather, the people and not to forget, the scrumptious food. Currently, I feel like having tahu bakar. Well, saw it yesterday at the Bazar Ramadhan in Bandar Baru Uda, but didn't buy it because I thought, maybe I can buy today or tomorrow. Anywho, I'm currently not feeling very well and not sure why. Feel like coming down to a flu (again!) and maybe a fever? Noooooooooooooo.... o.O or maybe I'm just allergic to dusts and my runny left nostrils is due to the reaction of dusts?

I feel like a vampire because my skin will feel like its being burn when they're exposed to the sun ololol. So, what's your plan for hari raya? My plans is to get a lot of duit raya. But I doubt if I will get duit raya due to my age and people around would be saying, "You're 22, shouldn't you be working by now?". For someone who doesn't continues their studies, my age is the 'working life' age. Well, I'm so much wanting to work and find my own money, which is very true. But I don't get the permission to do that. Just don't want to burden anyone indeed. If my parents want me to be independent so much, then why not give me the permission to be independent in the first place? It's like they're just pulling strings. You know, main tarik tali. One moment they will say 'like this' and other moment, they will say 'like that'. I know the world is a cruel place, but until when they're gonna protect me from it? I'm already had my half way to the cruel world without them knowing. Just gotta do what you have to do ;)

Anyway, I'll write back again later! :)

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