Friday, September 3, 2010

Buka puasa with mi familia at Jusco Tebrau

Hey you. Yes you, right there :D theheee

I'm feeling achy at the moment. A bit of runny nose, itchy throat, kinda feverish and a bit of cough. Eeeee..don't like getting sick :( I hope I'm not gonna get more sick

Today, me, my parents and my younger sister went for a buka puasa at Nandos in Jusco Tebrau. It was nice and yummy. We went there as early as 4pm something. To kill time while waiting for 7.10pm, we went on for a stroll from floor to floor and from shop to shop. It was nice and we get our feets all achy hehe. But to be honest, I feel like the shops everywhere kinda looses its 'wow-ness', where most of their stuffs kinda not interesting and blah :( My dad said the retailer keluarkan stok yg lama in their shops during festive times like this. It's the time where they will try to sell old stuffs (barang-barang yg x laku, like that) because the retailers knows, the buying power amongs the customers at a festive times like this are strong! So, customers will buy and buy, just because. Good marketing eh?

I entered a few shops that usually have nice racks of clothes and stuffs like MNG, Topshop and Somerset Bay my disappointment, I couldn't really find anything nice or anything that I fancy, in this case. So, when we get back to KL (tomorrow, Friday), I'm going to look at Nichii Fashion City (or Nichii in short). They have nice collection of clothing with a quite affordable price tag. Quite affordable to me means, it doesn't come with a RM300 something like Topshop =.= man, that's quite expensive to me alright. The price range for Nichii is around RM39.90, RM49.90, RM69.90 (but I noticed they have mostly RM69.90 price tag). Well, they're okla for now. Haha, bila time no $, even RM29.90 is quite expensive to me alright hehehehe :) Lets just see in KL then. More choices I think. I'm planning to buy:

- A long cardigan
- A woman's coat
- A leather/PVC jacket
- Work long sleeve shirt or two
- Work trousers or two
- Skinny jeans or two
- Shawls for tudung. Maybe 3 or 4? :p
- A baju kurung
- A long kebaya
- Shoes (flats/ballerinas, sky high wedges, gladiators)
- A bag
- A vest
- A dress or two?

Wow that's quite erm a lot haha. The baju kurung and work shirts/trousers are for classes. I'm lacking of formal clothes. This year and the next next year, I feel like I wanna change my formal wear for class presentations. Maybe I'll wear work shirt to replace baju kurung perhaps? Well, I don't know yet ^^ Those are just my plans hehe. Conclusion of today, I feel happy :)

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