Friday, August 20, 2010

What Is Love?

Sometimes, people say you're too young to think about love. But love is subjective. It could be love towards your family, love towards your life, love towards God, love towards your friends. So, nobody is too young to think about love. But everybody have a different perceptions of the meaning of the word.

My friend advised me not too worry too much and I took his word of 'Reality have a weird way of working. Sometimes when we want something so much, we will not get it. But when we not think of it too much, eventually we will get what we want'. Thank you Roman Sukhanov for your advice :)

I'm starting to realise and be grateful for what I have. Though it's not perfect, but I think it's the almost nearly perfect thing that I could have. Maybe there are lots more of choices out there, but I'm just too tired of looking and searching. Did that so many times in the pasts, but it always ends up not in a good way and it doesn't have any happy endings. Pfft. No, I'm not giving up. But I'm just too tired, exhausted. And it sounds funny to come out of a 22 year old girl eh? All I can say is that, just live your life and not worry too much of everything. But today, in the present, I can say that I'm happy. But what about tomorrow or in the future? Well, I couldn't predict the future and what's coming. So, the answer is, I don't know :)

For the moment, I'm happy that I have someone that I can communicate and reach at anytime of the day, someone that accepts me for who I am, who do not determine what I should look like or what I should wear. Someone who is patient enough when I'm not and mature enough when I'm not. Someone who reminds me constantly that my studies and my family is important when I'm being sleazy..

I'm a hard headed person, where my bloods could boiled up as high as 1000 degrees. Having someone who is the same hard headed and hot blood as I am, just screams trouble. Fire with fire? :/ tettttt!

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