Friday, August 20, 2010

We couldn't help but to be judgemental?

Hello peeps :)
I know maybe it's kinda late for me to post this? lol. Anyway, happy fasting to all Muslims :)
Well, my fasting is ok so far. Hmph my English language have been quite crap lately lol. Maybe I need to read more books. How's your fasting? :)

I'm not sure what to post or what to talk about. But since I haven't update my blog for quite a while, I feel the need to post something. Something worth reading and to think of? Something that's been staying inside my mind, dusting and just stayed there all along. It never really comes out because it doesn't bother me that much until a strike of lightening hits me in the center of my head -,- well, excuse me, I don't know what I'm crapping about lol :p

Anyway, we are all inevitably judgemental. We can't help ourselves to be judgemental. Come on, how many times have you been in a situation where you looked at someone's picture and your mind will went oh! and that! ? I admit I am a judgemental person. We all are. You'd be lying if you said you're not judgemental at all. But mind you that there's a difference between being judgemental and stereotyping people. I'm an observer. I look and see things for a long time before I make any talk or comments. People don't realise it sometimes. Sometimes I wonder why do he/she act like that? why he/she speaks like that? and why why why, the list will goes on and on.

One issue that caught my attention is when people stereotypes others based on what they're wearing, their race and their religion. I just don't understand the need to call others bad names just because they're not the same race or religion. Just because it's a modern world, doesn't mean our manners are gone along with the modernization. I'm not pious myself and I'm trying to improve myself from day to day, but it hurts when people judge you based on colour, what I'm wearing and the beliefs that I'm holding on to. I'm sorry if I offend anyone here, but when nobody seems like they wanted to listen or no one I can talk to, I guess online is the best way for me to take out these feelings and upsets.

Like seriouslyyy, just because I'm wearing a hijab/tudung, does it makes me a terrorist? Does it stops me from wanting to be pretty, knowing what's going on in the world today, knowing what's in and what's not? Does it makes me a cruel person who will take others freedom? The answer is not. And that's a duhhh.. I couldn't blame anyone for such perception. All I can say is don't judge others just because they have the same feathers. You know what I mean ^^
For me, my faith and my beliefs is for myself, alone. What I'm wearing is just fulfilling what I believe in, my beliefs

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