Saturday, August 21, 2010

People make fun of your words. What will you do? You just keep on talking

Hello dear readers. How are you doing?

It's Saturday and I had Statistics class earlier on. Our lecturer decided to held the class on 9am today as we are all in the fasting month :) lots of information and quite lots to catch up. It's true what our lecturer said, we don't have Statistic 1, Statistic 2 just like the management students. We learn almost everything in one subject. So, it needs quite a lot of focus. Anywho.. I didn't know that my 'observer' word in my earlier post would be such a famous phrase. Well, glad that you read it who ever you are. Looks like you cared enough to read what I wrote? lol. K, thanks. You know who you are. And nope, I'm not going to set my blog to private just because people stalks my blog or my other online social networking sites. People still can add my Facebook, Myspace and Friendster. But none friends couldn't send me messages because I don't want to be bother by some strangers who send me messages and talk otherwise in real life or told story differently in texts, as if asking for pity from others.

It doesn't matter if people are going to make fun of your words :) you just keep on talking. It's your blog, so you determine on what to say and what not


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