Thursday, August 19, 2010

Learning how to wear shawl correctly

I just learn how to wear shawl correctly lol. Tutorials didn't do much for me ;( so I just try and experiment it by myself and observing those who wears them nicely and tadaaa!! Voila! :)

1) Wear the anak tudung as usual. The normal anak tudung or the syria anak tudung oso can lah hehe. But I like using the normal anak tudung for this one

2) Pick a shawl of crepe/soft materials. Like the one I wore in the pic above, it's made out of crepe. A very soft material. It works for me ^^ Personally, I think the crepe materials is quite easy to shape. Then, you justified your shawl and make sure one length of the shawl is lebih panjang than the other. This is because, the one yg length lebih panjang, you will use it to lilit around your head. So, kalau pendek, x sampai kan nak lilit around the head hehe

3) Pull the shawl down until it covers your anak tudung, and pin underneath your chin. Fold/lipat ckit the shawl at both sides of your face and then lilit seperti biasa, as I've mentioned above. Yg panjang dah dililit, jd, yg pendek, you justifies it to cover your chest lah hehe :)


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