Sunday, August 29, 2010

Arrogant People

Next week, me, my sis and my parents going to JB to visit our house there. Even though we moved to Selangor/Kuala Lumpur, we still have our house in JB ^^ can't waitttttt to go to JB. And get all my clothes and shoes :/ fyi, I didn't bring all my clothes and things from our house in JB because the car was too packed when we moved to Selangor/Kuala Lumpur and there was no space to fill my things T.T

This morning was Introduction to Finance class (or I called it Finance class for short). We have a Mid-Test and the test starts at 9am. I went there quite early. I think I arrived there almost an hour earlier, and yet, the seats are almost full and the class had been quarterly filled? Anyway, arghhh I'm not sure what I will get for the test marks and I think I've put in the wrong formula in the wrong calculations >.> well, sobs sobs

Lets talk about arrogance. Well, the reason as to of why I'm talking about it all in a sudden is because I feel a bit 'kecik hati' with some people that I think is arrogant? Especially kecik hati when that people is someone that I've kinda known back in Myspace for almost 3 or 4 years. Haha emo much? Yeah I guess so ^^ I can't say that I'm always commenting etc on the person's profile and I'm not really a friend of her in real life. But I do says hi and hey every now and then.. Well I'm not expecting for them to give long comments and stuffs. But just enough to reply as to of what I'm asking.

Recently, I asked someone where did they bought their jacket. Well, I think her leather jacket is cool :) and been asking because I would like to check them out and get one like hers. But no replies. It's ok if they're busy, I understand. But after seeing her posting lots of stuffs like videos, etc, I feel a bit terasa hati. Lots of thoughts poundered in my mind. One of it is maybe she didn't want others to get a leather jacket just like hers? Well, never mind..

I know I may not have a life where it's easy for me to get what I want. Clothes, concert tickets and stuffs. And I don't have so many friends and followers around my social networking sites. But the fact that I looked up to her and I think she's quite awesome even though she's younger than me, got me feeling a bit upset. Yeah, I have to admit and it's no stranger that I looked up to her because I think she have a good grammar and vocabs in English and she had been in an exchange students program to Spain. I like looking at her blog and things that she posts. I liked her friendliness about 3 or 4 years ago. There's nothing really I can say. Just feel kecil hati and that's all. I deleted my wall post to her wall and removed her from my friendlist on Facebook. I don't think she would even realise about it because it's a no loss to not have me in her Facebook anyways..

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