Saturday, July 3, 2010

Final Days Of The Short Sem For 2009/2010

Tomorrow will be 4th July 2010 and it will be the last day of exam for me this short semester. Tomorrow's paper is Institusi-Institusi Islam :) There will be 80 objectives questions. Today will be perhaps the last day for me to use this laptop, as my sister in UiTM Segamat will use it ;(
urghhh so bored I suppose. I will just have to wait to get a new laptop T~T classes will only start on 17 July. Man, what am I gonna do until then? :/
Oh yeah..get a job lol xD urgh..suddenly I feel lazy la pulak..haha hari tu berkobar kobar nak get a job.. Now that the final exams will finish, the feeling of laziness came suddenly. Well, not sure what jobs will I get. I guess jobs that doesn't requires to think much? lol. Seriously, it will be a headache if everything have to be processed inside your head all at once. And then, that's when some parts of you start decaying. Lol, what am I rambling about :/

Anyway, I'm kinda effin nervous because I don't know how's UTM in KL. Is it bigger than UTM in Skudai? But I think maybe no, because UTM Skudai is like the main branch. I'm hoping I could get straight A's for this short sem.. Oh please.. Oh please.. >.< Need to increase my GPA :p
For the mean time, take care people! :)

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