Friday, June 18, 2010

Random Facts About Me

Hey dear readers! :)
First off, I'm kinda pissed off because I don't know why the Introduction etc part didn't appear in my blog. Dah la aritu dia duduk kat bawah sekali..hisshhh (-_-')
Anyway, my mood for writing/posting a blog tetibe cam ade muhahaha :P
So, I'm gonna write about something. Lets talk about things that annoys me. Or more like Random Facts la gitu..haha :p Anyway...before that, today I went to the UTM Library (or known as PSZ for the UTM students). Went there to find more reference and finish compiling the Etika Professional assignment for our group. Oh yeah! I almost step on a dead bird while I was on my way to the Meranti cafeteria 8D haha it's quite gross actually :/ I didn't realised there were a dead bird lying on that cement floor o_O thank God I'm wearing sneakers and not selipar ala ala togel kaki gitu.

Ok, enough with the chit chat. Oh oh, one more thing.. Did you know that when we reciprocate the words (the language, the body language, the style of language, the spelling) of a person, we actually adores the person which we reciprocating.. I use the word 'd' (menggantikan 'the'), 'oredi', 'oso', dat, wat and someone reciprocate me ;) someone very close to my heart and you know who :p haha. He never used those words before..seriously. Haha enough with this talk. Vain! :p I love you 'that' special person

1) I am super annoyed when someone mispell my name and thought that the dash (-) and the word 'Hana' at the end of my name is a name that I saje saje letak or they think it's my nama manje o_O

2) I slept every morning. I'm not a morning person and VERY indeed. But I will wake up for special occasions like class for example

3) I don't know how to cook but I know how to cook. Haha I know, confusing. Actually, the exact word that is appropriate here is MALAS! and I don't really like to taste my own cooking, unless I'm very desperately hungry. But all is well, they tastes great -v.a.i.n- :) ps: Ask my mom and my sister :p rofl

4) I am FAR SIGHTED. Or in Malay, RABUN. Yes, I wear contact lenses when I'm outside. Once I got back home, I take them off and wear glasses :) if given a choice, I don't even want to be rabun (-_-) it's quite payah alright. Contact lenses dries your eyes fast and you can't fall asleep while you're on a far trip to somewhere. And glasses, they just make your face 10 times older (but I'm waiting for those wide frame, ala-aviator Ray Bans :p). The power of my rabun-ness? For contact lenses, I wear 3.25 on each eye o.O

5) I love bubble tea, even when they were still not famous. But back then, I don't know what it called. I just called it ice blended with benda bulat bulat. My favorite flavor would be chocolate and blue coral

6) I love sports. But I dislike watching them :( I dislike watching football etc. Unless if my boyfriend is one of the players.. :p

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