Friday, May 7, 2010

Holidayssss! :)

Oh yeah! Finally! It's holiday break. Well I should've post this back on 21 April. Sorry for the late update ^_^
Yesterday I went out with my friend, Nisah! :) It was really fun having to hang out with a friend. We were cruising down memory lane, reminiscing our form 6 times back then ^_^
She's here in her hometown for the semester break. Ok, so my new semester will start again on the 8th of May. This upcoming semester are called semester pendek/short semester as the lectures will only be for about 5 weeks in duration. I did some pre-semester shopping. I bought few things. One of it is this great gray skinny jeans from Radioactive :P I'm seriously in love with this skinny jeans. I hope it is durable though as my Dorothy Perkins skinny jeans aren't durable at all :( After few washes, it torns in the crotches area lol. And Dorothy Perkins are like soo quite expensive :o I know it's quite cheap in the UK. But try converting Pounds to Ringgit Malaysia (RM) and you will have a hole in your pocket. Haha like literally! :P Hole around the crutches area after few washes lol XD

Ok, so the new skinnies that I bought is purrfect indeed! :) hope so!. And it doesn't cost me quite a lot. So, I'm really satisfied with what I bought ^o^

So, here's how yesterday went : I met up with Nisah at her house after the trip at the hospital (my younger sister were doing medical check up for the UPU). It was raining quite heavily back then. But thank God we finally managed to arrive at the City Square. After arriving, we scours down the mall from floor to floor until our feet hurts lol :P
Then we took a break at this small drinking kiosk. We ordered chocolate bubble shakes! :) It was yummy and thick but quite expensive I think :o it costs us RM5.50 each. But overall, it was a fun day out :) I even goes to the Levi's store and was checking out the Ladies edition

Well, I'll post the pic of the skinnies that I bought....if I'm quite 'rajin' enough hehe~
Toodles! :)

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