Sunday, April 18, 2010

Can't Wait For The Finals For This Sem To Finish

I can't wait for the finals for this semester to finish :) Felt like it's been a long semester o.O But anywho, I certainly need some time to rest and chill myself before the upcoming semester starts again! :) need to rest my brain after struggling with books, notes and exam papers! :P haha. I haven't been active on my blogs and there's nothing interesting I could think of to write besides my life and what's been going on in my life, and my life again! aha :)

Well, hopefully I could have the time soon to write and share something special here. Ok, anyways..last time I wrote that there are 3 new family members (the kittens that my parents pick from the Pasar Peladang). Well unfortunately, 1 died :( and then after a few weeks, my parents send the remaining 2 kittens back to Pasar Peladang. My parents send them back because they say the kittens have lots of food offered at the market as mom once saw that the fishmonger actually gave the cats there fishes. But eventually, after a week or so, my parents went back to just maybe get those 2 kittens back home again (?) o.O
But after quite thorough searching, they were not there anymore. In fact, recently, when I went there for breakfast along with my parents, there were almost zero kittens there. So, I assume perhaps the people at the market send them somewhere else or something.

Anyway, I'm hoping and looking forward for exciting things :D I can't wait to move to KL and that $$$$ hahaha :P
Toodles people <3

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