Thursday, March 4, 2010

In Busyness

Hello readers ^^ ha ha berkata seperti banyak bebenor readersnye :'p

Sudah lama tak meng-update blog akibat ketiadaan masa. Laptop pun asyik duk terperap atas lantai kat ruang tamu. Jadi, agak menyakitkan punggung untuk duduk lama lama di atas lantai. Mcm tak bestlah = =

So many things happened for the past few weeks :)
One of it is, we got 3 new family members ^3^ a.k.a 3 new kittens. Mom and dad picked them up from Pasar Peladang while they were sending me to class at UTM Skudai. We 'singgah' to Pasar Peladang for breakfast and some groceries and that's when we saw these cute kittens. They were homeless and orphans, so mom figured out we should take them home. Besides, all of our kittens back then, died :(

I'm typing my assignments at the moment ^3^

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