Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lack Of Updates

Hey guys :)
I haven't update my blog like errr for quite a long time. I rarely get online for like hours without end as before. Blame it on my dad? pfft
He's been downloading stuff and nagging non stop if I get online for too long :/
You know, I have a problem with my neck. I can't look at laptops on floor for more than half an hour because my neck will be in pain. The reason why I bring the laptop in my room or in my sis room is because you can put the laptop on the table/desk or whatever it is so that I don't have to make my neck look down on the floor. Plus, I need more privacy! No, I'm not watching porn or looking at nudes, but I get on Facebook, Tumblr and my other social networking sites & everytime I opens them, my parents will glance over and like "Who's that?" "Who's she?" "Who's he?" o.O

I seriously hate when they think I'm watching porn. Mom, dad, I don't have to watch porn if I can do my own porn with my boyfriend! Take that! Pfft >_< Ok, I'm just kidding. I'm a virgin and I don't do porns. But seriously, it's pissing me off that they say I'm watching porn. So, I'm just trying to make things clear, if I want to do something that will make my parents gone mad, like sex for example, I would have done that anytime :/
But I DON'T. Why? Because IT'S WRONG. For one minute, I wish my parents could learn to trust me more

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