Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year Is Coming

How are you people? :)

Anyway, now I've known pretty much about Tumblr, it's functions and how to reblog things. I've just realised that Tumblr is actually good for posting piccies or reblogging them but in terms of texts/words, it's kinda not quite well compares to Blogspot. So yeah, there's the advantages and disadvantages to it :) So, sorry Blogspot, for saying that you were lame lol xP Actually you're not :D
So I'll be visiting both Blogspot and Tumblr :)

I've been busy with studies and pre-doing my assignment. Haha yeah right. Most of the time I got stuck wandering around, looking at OMG! Yahoo for celebrities pictures or looking at YouTube. But anyhow, this semester sure is quite tight and strict. If last previous semesters we got to go back home early, this semester isn't D:
Well I'm not fussy really ^^; I'm fine with it I suppose. So, what is pre-doing assignment? Just finding the contents and figuring out what to put inside the slide/report. And there is one subject with 2 assignments. Omg ^^;
So I have to do everything early and hopefully by the end of the assignments due date, things won't get too hectic or as you would say it in Malay, kelam kabut x__x
So the previous ones, we got kinda kelam kabut and I think I haven't really mastered the subject that was given for the assignments. I would say that I was really blurred with the title of our assignments for the previous semester. But just act as if I know. Act like pandai pandai je haha. And this semester, we also have one subject with an open book test. So, gotta read and really understands & memorize things so that it will be easier. Just because it's an open book test, doesn't mean it's easy as it sounds T^T

I've change my Blogger templates :) After spending quite some time trying to find nice templates, I gave up ^^; then I decided to ask my friend in Facebook. She also have Blogger and I've read her blog for a few times :D Her blog looks nice and I asked where did she found nice templates/layouts for her blogs. Many thankies to her <3

So, new year is coming :) do you have any new year resolution? I remembered back then since I was 16, my new year resolution has always been losing weight, getting skinnier. I've always wanted those skinny & lean model type body. And I also remembered back then, I ate 2 pinggan nasi penuh and doesn't get really fat ^^; if that happens now, I'm sure I'd look like a hippo by the end of the month lol. I was young and my appetite were growing at that time, I guess :)
I don't have any new year plans. So, I'm just spending my time with my mom, dad and sister at home. And you wanna know something? I feel like I'm gonna miss my sister when she went to university nanti T^T uwaaa. That means I'll be left all alone at home :/ and no one to bully hahaha jk :D

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