Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wedding Isn't In My Cards Yet

Hello people! :D
How are you? At this moment, I should already tucked nice, warm and cosy inside my blankets on the bed and in the phase of sleeping. I will go to sleep after I finish on this post ♥

Ok, so a few hours earlier on I was making myself a dinner in the kitchen. Mom, dad and sis was in the living room, watching tv. Our kitchen doesn't have any partition to separate between the living room and the kitchen. I was trying to get the cutting board to chop up the onions and stuffs and my dad said to me, all the way from the living room, "Akak nak kawen ke?". I was like huh? then I said "Ha? Mane de". I asked why is he asking such question. He said "Kalau akak nak kawen cakap. Jangan kawen lari" lol. Ok, so back when I was in form 6, my mom read my diary (secretly!) and at that time I was still with my ex. And there were a page where I wrote I wanna get married, I don't care, etc. Haha ok, I was emo at the time when I wrote that particular page in my diary. I was having a hard time because dad keeps accusing me of calling up random stranger through my mom's phone (which I swear, I did not!) and he confisticated my phone because he thinks that I wanted to go out with a guy at that time (while the truth is, I wanted to follow my female teacher and a few students to buy some gifts for an event at school).

So, ok, that diary was stupid. I was too haha. So much for writing a diary while you're feeling all emo =__=" pfft..

All I have to say is that wedding isn't in my cards yet! Ok, so who wouldn't think of having a marriage and starting a family? I do. But not at this particular moment and that's for sure. Even if my parents are willing to pay for the costs of my wedding, I DON'T want to get married until I finished my degree at least. And that will be another 3 years. So, Mr. Gordon, please wait for me for another 3 or 4 years =3
After finishing up my first degree, then I'm thinking of continuing my masters degree in UiTM Sarawak, or UNIMAS. Only then, I will think about marriage.

My perception on certain things have changed and a very much thank you to my sayang too ♥ He's the one who's been giving me encouragement to focus on my studies, said that it's really important for my future and checked my CGPA from time to time. After all, he's a lecturer =__=" I would just thought it this way, I should just focus on my studies at the moment and I don't want to divide my attention towards my future husband *cough cough*. So when he's gonna get my attention in the future, he will get it 101%. And besides, let us just enjoy our love life as an unmarried couple at the moment. Haha don't get me wrong! What I mean is, let us just live this alam percintaan. Just live and enjoy it :)

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