Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Birthday in 2009

Hello people :D
If you didn't know, it was my birthday on 29 November :P

There's not much celebration and to be honest, there's only 2 person who wished Happy Birthday to me personally through my phone (!) Haha, it's very obviously, I don't give out my number to everyone or just about anybody :p That's a good thing. The 2 person that wished me personally is Gordon Nicolaus Jemat Anchang and Nur Aida bt Ahmad Tumiren :D Many thankies to both of them ♥

Thank you very much to all the well wishers on my Facebook wall too! ♥
I really appreciate it =3

So, here's pretty much of the briefing as to of what I did on my birthday (err..or a day before that coz I didn't go anywhere on my birthday lol) :

On 28 November 2009, we went to see New Moon at Jusco Tebrau TGV. We went there in the early evening, around 5 p.m and bought the New Moon tickets which will be playing at 10.45 p.m later. Then we went home. Later that night, around 9.30 p.m, we headed to the cinema. Clad in black with leather Converse, I bought the popcorn with my sister. My theme that night is bad ass rockers lol. Nah, my ass aren't bad :) I was browsing through my Facebook before I went out and I saw an inspiration for the theme that I wanted that night. Here's some of the pics that brings an inspiration to me :D Seriously, I do not know her but I really think she's pretty and cute =3 I tried sending her a friend request but she didn't approve T^T sob..sob.. Ok, now I sounded like a stalker bhahahaha o.O No, I'm not a stalker :) She is a friend of another friend of mine. If she's reading this post, I apologise for using your pic ^^" I just had to show them because I think it's pretty, she's pretty and her pictures been giving me inspiration of what to wear on my birthday night ♥

I seriously like the combo of black leather jacket, grey underneath and black skinny jeans :D
Pretty isn't it? =3

Ok, so after 30 minutes in the cinema, I started to freeze because it's cold lmao. Then after 1 hour, my legs starting to become jittery, sort of shaking because it was again, cold (!). Then I felt my jeans pocket shaking from my phone. I tink I just received a text. Err perfect timing because I wanted to go to the ladies room anyways lol. So, when I got out from my seat and went outside, my hands and fingers are already kinda hard because of the coldness and I took out my phone to see who's the text from. I open it and :O wah!..

I'm really speechless and touched by the text. It was from my bf and it was about a few minutes after midnight. He wished me Happy Birthday =3 and there's some other words too, which I'm not going to reveal in here! Lol. But I'm really touched by it. Love you sayang ♥

PS: I think, Sam Uley in New Moon looks a bit like Gordon LOL. Like seriously, his voice, the nose. If you're wondering who's Sam Uley, he's the wolf guy that found Bella in the woods and save her while people are searching for her that night. But of course, Gordon looks a lot more better :p

I love love you Gordie

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