Saturday, November 7, 2009

I Hearts You

I feel like I'm the luckiest person to be able to be together with you. I like and love almost everything about you. And yes, there are some things about you that made me cringe, baby ^^ but it's way too small compared to the things that I love about you.

I want a guy who isn't afraid to let the world knows how much we are in love, comes out clean about our relationship, never embarassed to hold my hands when we're walking side by side in the mall. I wish for someone that loves me more than just a pretty face. Someone that loves and notice almost every details of myself, my personality, the way how my perfume smells and lingers around him. I desire someone who would call/texts me everytime he went away, just to keep me updated and that I wouldn't worry. I love a guy who can take care of themselves and yet, needs me. He's clean shaven, short hair and cares about his grooming and personal hygiene. He pretty much knows the latest songs been playing on air. I want a guy who would stand up for me and aren't afraid to get mad at someone if they call me ugly or being mean to me. He would support me morally when I'm down and reminds me every now and then that my studies are important for my future. He never say that I should stop studying. In fact, he wants me to reach high as I could in my studies. I want a guy that I can look up to. Someone that when I look at him, it would get me motivated to be just like him. I want someone who would be my best friend and keeps my secrets safe. He never force me to do things that I dislike. He's a shoulder for me to cry on.

And you know what? ALL these things are in you. I wrote it out because I want you to know that all these things are already inside you and that's why you're ever so perfect for me, baby :) I love you.

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