Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Am I A Boyfriend Stealer?

=D like seriously I wanna 'lol' when people said I'm a boyfriend stealer. They will talk behind you, calling you're ugly, fat, tranny etc, but when they label you as a boyfriend stealer, means that you're not what they deemed you to be after all, isn't it? Means you're not ugly etc. Or else their boyfriends wouldn't attract to you in the first place and they wouldn't be feeling that much of insecure.

No, I don't flirt around with other people boyfriends nor do I steal them. There was an incident last year, a former female classmates of mine held a Hari Raya open house. There were some of my other classmates attending the event. People had been telling me that she bad-mouthed me in front of everybody, telling them that I'm a boyfriend stealer. She said I flirted with her boyfriend on Myspace. I was like hahahaha. Yes, his boyfriend is in one of my friend list on Myspace and I don't even know his personal life and whatsoever and I don't even intended to know it alright. All I did, was just send him some comments saying 'hi, how are you?' or two. I was just trying to say hello to everyone in my friend list on Myspace. But I guess she had 'misunderstood' me as flirting with her boyfriend. Or, maybe it was just karma all over again and she's just terrified of her own karma.

To tell you the truth, I don't know if it was me the one who's trying to flirt with her boyfriend or was it her the one who acted like a whore back when I was in a relationship with my ex *snicker* Haha sarcastic much? You get the idea people :)
More often (or like never at all) it's not me the one who would flirt with your boyfriend. Either you flirted with my boyfriend or your own boyfriend flirted with me =__="
Either way, I don't even layan if guys do that to me. Seriously I don't o.O
People who really knows me in life, knows exactly what the type of person I am. Most of the time, it's my best friends. Because they spent more time with you, so they knew you better.

And for like the last time, I don't steal or flirt around with your boyfriend people!! o.O

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