Saturday, November 7, 2009

After Exams

Hello earthlings! :D

It's been such a long time since I blog. I've been busy with exams. Classes will start again on 19 December 2009. I've registered for the this upcoming semester subjects. They're:

SHP1323 Kaunseling Industri
SHP 1343 Prinsip Perancangan Sumber Manusia
SHP 2343 Prinsip Rekabentuk Latihan

I think I've been gaining some 'spare tyres' and fat recently! =__=" It's all due to eating and eating some more. And lots of things come rushing down to my mind recently. One of it is dad's plan of moving to KL. He said we will probably move to KL after my younger sister finish her SPM. That's around December and January. Dad said that when his projects start rolling, he will have to move to KL, so that it will be easier for him to check on his works and yards. Plus, it's more near to my grandma's home in Pahang. He said that there's nothing left in JB anyways. Just danger and hatred. In case you didn't know, dad resigns from his previous job at Sime Darby around March this year because some of the people there. Well, too complicated to write in. Lets just say those people have greed rooting insides them. Through every core and veins of their heart and soul. It just can't be weed out because it's hard when you are just an average employee and those who are committing the immoral are those who are aboves the average rank. Who would believe you? No one. Those who have more power will have more trust. These immoral things have been growing and living eversince before my dad start working there. Besides, why would those people weed out the 'things' that's been giving them millions of $ in their daily income?

So, it's rather my dad to just step back and stop compromising in all of these things. It's only recently that my dad knows about their games. It's no wonder that the work there are never ever done. Because there has been some foul play and everything is just a game all along. That's like a betrayal to the company, which giving you your monthly income. These people are biting the very hand that feeds them. All in order to gain more and more. But we're just almost like a mere ant. Comparing to these people incomes, are not less than RM10 000. They can easily hire anyone to be spies and perhaps assassinate us. All in order to keep their 'secret' safe. During first few months after my dad quit his job, there are some unknown strangers roaming around our house. Why? Because 'these' people are just scared and paranoid of their on shadows. They're afraid if my dad would do something like I'm-a-Super Genius-man-I-know-all-your-top secrets-and-I'm-gonna-reveal-to-every-core-of-it-to-super Mr-big-boss-thingy.

Well, to what they don't know, is that my dad just want to get on with his life. We just want to live our own live. We don't disturb yours and you don't disturb us. Well, it's too late already. You're already too paranoid with your own shadows.

Haha, phew!~ that's how the story goes as to of why my dad quit his job. When it involves your own family safety and life, would you risk it? Surely no. And that's what my dad was doing. It's better to just quit instead of fighting with these real crazy people. Let people do what they do to you. But one thing for sure, never do it to other people.

Anyway, that's what been bugging me lately. If we move, it would take a complicated process to fill in the forms to change the center for my studies etc. Haha, I'm just lazy to fill out the forms and whatever. But hey, there are also some pros in moving to KL :P
To make it short, I'll just list it down here. The Pro & Contra of moving to KL:

1) More close to my abg Gordon. I mean, even though it's not that exact close, but hey, KL and Kuching is better then JB and Kuching! in how far the distance is
2) If my abg Gordon have any functions/courses in UiTM Shah Alam, it's easier for us to meet
3) More opportunities in err commercial modelling business? Ok, not the runway coz that will be LOL! hahaha. Come one, I'm not a runway model material. Well, maybe for the fat categories! Lol :P
4) Shopping shopping shopping! Yes I have to admit, clothes in KL are sold a lot more cheaper in JB. Like seriously they're more cheaper alright. And more choices too
5) Lots of places in KL to hangout

1) Lazy and complicated to fill in the forms needed to change the pusat pembelajaran, subjects bla bla bla
2) I don't want to leave my friendsssss!!!!! T.T kak Linda, kak Fida...huhuhuhuh
3) I don't know, I like JB :/ I mean, the Danga Bay, the Restoran Singgah Selalu. It feels home to me lol

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