Thursday, October 22, 2009

Internet & Laptop Problems

Hello and good day for you readers :)
Haven't been online for quite a long time ^^ The laptop had been acting up. It all started one night, when my sister plugs in my dads' pendrive to save some document into the pendrive. Then the next day, we tries to connect to the internet as usual. But it took a very long time for the browser to uploads! It took about an hour for the whole thing to upload. We waited for a few days, thinking that the speed might have been slow because of the recent earthquake that happened in Selat Sunda. So, we thought that the under water cabel might have been damage or something. But then, when things still haven't return to normal for 1 week, we've thought that the laptop might have been attacked by the virus. Dad says, his pendrive contained some virus or something and he forgot to warn my sister about it. So, that just proves our theory of our laptop being attacked by virus. Furthermore, our antivirus license had expired. We were using Kaspersky. The last time our Kaspersky received updates from the Kaspersky website, was on 31 August 2009.

It's a good thing that my dad had just update and repair our antivirus now. But we're not using Kaspersky anymore. We're using Vipre. A very much thanks to my dads' friend for helping us to remove the viruses from our laptop and updated it with a new antivirus. Dad mention that his friend said, there are about 300 viruses in our laptop. That's like wow! But much to our surprise, the internet speed still haven't change much. It still is very slow.

Well, I've called the Maxis Broadband customer line just now, to ask for enquiries as to of why our internet speed is very much still slow. The operator said that our internet speed have been slow recently because of the package plan that we took about a year ago. The operator mentioned something about we using 6 GB and the Maxis Broadband Center had reduced it to just 3 GB after one year. If we want to speed up our internet, we just have to change the package and fill up new registration. That's like blah D:
Dad said if we have much money, we'll just gonna switch our broadband to new one. We're just gonna use P1 Wimax. I've also heard that it's good.

At the mean time, I will not be online that much T.T

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Anonymous said...

p1 is the best..