Thursday, September 10, 2009

Silly White Lies

Ok, so not having sahur 2 days ago wasn't really that bad after all :p But seriously, if I was still a child back then, I'd really feel starving as I was almost just skin and bones back then. So, my body can't hold on to not having sahur. But now, things changed. It wasn't bad after all :)
Thank God! Hahaha

I was cleaning and organizing my magazines at the book shelf in my room last night. And I've stumble upon an article in one of my Seventeen magazines! Quite an interesting article indeed. It's about guys telling silly white lies to their girlfriends. Ok, for the foremost, I personally think that be it white, gray, pink or whatever colour there is, lies is NOT ok. I've asked my boyfriend on what he thinks on silly white lies and he said, it always leads to bigger lies. Well, how true! That is very true indeed.

Well, here's what the article on that Seventeen magazine is about:
"My boy always tells me silly white lies. He lies about where he went when he was out with his friends, or where he'll be going out and even who he goes out with. When I confront him, he laughs it off and says, "I just didn't want to upset you". Why can't he just tell me the truth?"

Well here's what Seventeen have to say:
When a guy says he didn't want to upset you, it's just a way of saying, "I don't want to deal with your anger when you know the truth". Then again, if he has already assumed that you'd get angry with him, then he'd have to know that he's doing something wrong.

Well, pretty interesting topic aye? :)
If it was me, I'd always prefer the truth instead of a white lie. Lying just hurts me and it tears me apart as well as it makes me feel insecure. But of course, there are certain lies which I think I'd need (or in fact, almost all the girls needed it), and that is for example, you're having a bad hair day and he tries to reassure you :) Now that is cute lol :P
Haha anyways, I don't think I should lie in anyways. They say, if you hide skeletons in your closet, it will always find its ways to get out. I think trust & honesty is the most important thing in a relationship. As for the lies, I think there's no point of staying together if any 1 of the party keeps lying to each other right? Obviously, it shows that you're still not ready to be committed with each other. Well ummm ok, now I sounded like mak cik mak cik oredi ahahaha :D

Yes I don't like guys lying to me. And I suppose that's one of the reason why I don't easily jump into the relationship wagon. But now I feel very grateful to have met a guy which I think perfect in almost every single way. Someone that I've been trying to find all these years :)
Feels like an illusion *__* I'd like to pinch myself, thank you. *pinch* Yeouch! Ok it's not an illusion LOL :P

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