Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shopping At Danga Bay

Hey! :)

And so, me, mom, dad and my younger sister went to Danga Bay tonight. And I bought a black blouse. The picture above shows it all haha. Yea I'm wearing the blouse that I just bought (took the pictures using the laptop webcam). The blouse cost me RM22 >.> Haha at these kind of time, RM22 feels like RM100 to me. Really valuable. And oh, the picture is kinda dark and dim coz it's night and to make the matter more worse, one of the light bulbs in my room had wear off/burnt and my dad still haven't change it yet :/

Dad said that we should just call a technician to change it coz he didn't manage to loosen the container thingy as it's too tight.

Look sleepy hahaha. Ignore the hair. It looks miserable at this time :P

I've been trying to buy something colourful, but somehow, the colour black always caught my eye >.> Proof? The blouse that I just bought. There were purple, chocolate, red and green. I was trying to buy purple but somehow, the black one seems more nice.
Hmmm, I've shrunk a little. Well just a little, lmao!. Dad says that I look bit skinny lol. Haha, if my sister reading this post, ohaiii sis! Haha, she would let out a green coloured puke. Lol jkjk :P
And so, tomorrow the last day of puasa. Hmmm, feels quite sad actually :/ Felt like it was just yesterday we were puasa-ing. Anyway, tomorrow we'll be continuing the quest of 'jalan-jalan'. Gonna go to City Square (CS), JB. We were suppose to go today, but since it was raining earlier in the afternoon, we didn't go.

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