Monday, September 14, 2009

Of Buka Puasa and Shirt

It's been a while since I last blog. So many things happened. Huhu. Ok, don't want to talk about that (^.^) I'm glad that everything's ok now :)
Anyway, today, I'd like to talk about err I don't know actually lol. Dad said that we're gonna pay my yuran (fees) for this semester tomorrow. Well, I'm glad that we can pay the fees. A very much thank you to my uncle who helped us :( We're gonna pay it in cash. It's about RM1520. 3 subjects, all 9 credits. Quite a lot isn't it? But yea, dad says that I have to add RM20. I don't know anything that has been going on actually and I rather prefer not to know. Ok, so RM20 gonna go poof! disappear from my wallet tomorrow T.T But hey, look on the bright side Anna, don't worry too much about it. They say don't be too stingy (kedekut) as for every money that goes out for the good things, will somehow get back to you, whether sooner or later :)
And..I think my friend, Najimun Nisah is going back to Johor Bahru this Wednesday. Planning to buka puasa with her. Though, I don't think my parents will approve me to go out at night :/ They're already kinda worried if I go out with public transport, so let alone public transport at night. But yea if that doesn't happen, guess I'll just go out with her roaming around City Square (lol) during the day and come back to her house and buka puasa there. Or maybe we could go buka puasa at that new restaurant near my house :P pretty fancy decoration and lots of people went there so the food there must be nice. Also planning to buy a pair of cardigan/long sleeve shirt a pair or two. Seriously, I need to buy some cardigan/shirt o.o Haven't bought any since errr I don't know how many years. Well that MNG jersey is out of the question >.> Bought it last year and I think they're almost falling apart coz I've been wearing them over and over again lmao. Thank god they're quality fabrics and so my RM169 isn't a waste after all! >:|
Ok, I guess that's all for todays post (well actually it's night) Toodles~ (:

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