Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jamuan Raya di Kelas

Heeey :)

Been feeling tired & sleepy today. Perhaps my mind have set up that class will be finish at 4 p.m today. But eventually, we finish early! Yay! hehe. As usual, I walk to the library after class, as to wait for my parents to pick me up. Urm, I guess the bangunan fakulti is kinda sunyi and besides, the library have cooler breeze~ and internet too! :)

Went to class today wearing baju kebarung with skinny jeans. Well err they have the kain but pst..pst..wanna know something? :P the kain had oredi koyak few years ago due to my old sterika yang sekejap panas, sekejap panas sangat tak hengat. Hahahaha. And so, the kain went koyak di hujung and to make matter worse, I sew it on to cover the koyak. I didn't really SEW it, but I COVER the koyak by just jahit ntah macam ape tah. So, it looks weird o.o

Had to wore baju kurung/pakaian tradisional today because the lecturer told us in the previous class that we should wear our baju raya today, as there's some little jamuan in the class. And yea, if you read my previous post, the lecturer kinda dislike the colour black (?)
So I had to pick out something which isn't black. I was hoping that the lecturer won't recognize me this time bhahahaha. But fail =___="

When I reach to class this morning, the lecturer and most of the students are already in class. I open the class door and the lecturer look at me sehinggalah I duduk. Then he said "Tak pakai hitam hari ni?" and then he smile smile. Aiseh. Camne dia boleh perasan lak neyh??

Euwwrgh..haha I didn't realise the tong sampah wanita oso there in the picture

We had nasi impit, rendang ayam, kuah kacang, sayur lodeh, cut outs honeydew, sponge cake, banana cake and some kuih raya. Yum yum :) Then we finish class at around 2 p.m.

All of the above pictures are taken today, in the library toilet lol. I pick out my so last last year baju raya that I bought at First Lady, Plaza Kotaraya, JB. It's a shiny material/fabric in brown colour and there's some manik manik and labuci labuci di hujung sleeve dan di depan baju :)

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