Thursday, September 3, 2009

I miss you hunny

It's been 3 days in a row where mom starting to bake some 'kuih raya'. First, it was the pineapple tarts, then the next day, came kuih cornflakes, and now, there's kuih makmur. Ooh can't wait to eat them when berbuka puasa

Last night had been an emotional one for me. And I still am feeling a bit emotional now. These 2 weeks might be a bit grim for me. And my head was starting to hurt, probably due to stress (?) or sadness which I can't let out with tears..Something deep in my heart just aching due to the feeling of missing someone and how helpless I am to help him with anything. But I try to suck it up and take it as something which can make me more wise. I can't texts him more often like I did before..Well at least in 1 week or 2 until everything's clear. So, at the mean time, we have to be on a tight budget and both of us have to save our ka-ching!. I have to be on a tight budget as in my mobile reloads because if I ran out of credit, I can't texts him anymore. He will not be able to help for now..I can't imagine if I can't texts him at all. It wasn't even for a day yet, yesterday and we're already starting to miss each other and keeps sending these emotional text messages :'(

Well, I've decided to write how much I love and cares about him and no matter what the obstacles are, we will try and sort it out together. After all, this is what it's all about. Togetherness. I'm there with you huny. Always.

Dear GN

Your smiles brings warmth to my heart. Your giggles brings joy to me. Your sadness brings sadness in me. I want you to know, in times of happiness, I want to cheer your happiness. In times of sadness, I wants to share your sadness and be there for you.. I'm not actually the best poem writer around, but I could write :}
I love how you make me smile everytime. You're no Jay-Z and I'm no Beyonce. But wtf anyway? Haha. I love you the way you love me. With so much things in common, have you ever wonder that we really are made for each other? I'm afraid to reach high for the sky and you would too. But one thing for certain, my love for you is pure and true. So lets not be afraid huny, as I'm there with you..

I love you with all my heart and there is no single doubt. I love you. <333

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