Sunday, September 6, 2009

Haha, this is what I do after class today : p Well, this is incidentally. I went to the toilet at level 4 at bangunan FPPSM and saw these great mirrors lol. And snap snap, took some pictures. Well, there are 2 more pics, but I don't want to upload it coz I'm feeling damn bloated and it looked ugly LOL.

Yea, I've been feeling bloated since yesterday. Maybe I ate too much during berbuka puasa. And the stress I've been feeling lately just makes me feel fat. Hah. I don't know, too much things on my mind lately. I'm just worried with my life now, my parents, everything : /
I'm not usually the type of person that worries too much. Anyway, I feel like my arms are getting big =___= Probably due to having myself go to sleep after sahur these few days

Haha, no need to whine. Hmpfh. Yea, maybe I'll get myself busy around the house tomorrow, so hopefully any parts of me won't be getting bigger.

You know what, I'd like to ask mom and dad if they can still afford my studies : / This has got me feeling quite sad actually. But at the same time, I just don't want to feel like as if I'm a burden of somekind. I know, my studies are important. But as days go by, I feel like as if sooner or later my parents couldn't afford to pay the fees for my studies anymore : /
I mean, with the rates we're in, which both my parents are still jobless at this time, and dad's credit cards almost maxed out and urghhh these are the things that got me feeling stress, worried and everything. I felt like maybe I should stop studying and get a job. Or tangguh my pengajian and get a job, then save some money. Or..buat pinjaman PTPTN and go into fulltime mode. Seriously, I'm at dead end, thinking about all these stuffs. Go into fulltime mode and have myself concentrate on my studies without thinking anything in my life. Hmm sounds cruel alright.

I've been to a seminar for those who's interested in being a flight attendants when I was 17. But that was then. Now, I feel like blurr actually hahaha. Anyway, I don't have the mood to study recently, because I'm worried about my parents. I just don't know how we'll be like in another few months if my my parents are still jobless : /

The thing that keeps a piece of my heart happy is Gordon. Sounds like superficial? No it's not. It's a world where I escape from all these madness for a while. Talking to him makes me feel better. Even though sometimes, I feel sad coz when he's in trouble of anykind, I'm just really helpless and couldn't even offered him a helping hand.. : (

Anyways, I love you hunny :)
Your love keeps me happy everyday

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