Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Not Quite Good

Ok, so I've wrote earlier this morning but something went wrong with Blogspot and suddenly my post went short >.< Urgh. So I deleted them :/
Anyway, I've also learnt something. Never writes anything while you are sad. I've post something last night and it sounded like as if I was going to commit suicide or something (Yikes!). That's not what I meant ok o.o
So yea, we've been sad, angry or whatever but to be writing while I'm in sadness really sounded stupid and when I woke up this morning, I just deleted it! It sounded stupid.

Anyway, I'm not quite myself lately and my feelings have been quite too sensitive as to of lately. Maybe I'm near to that time of the month again hahaha. You know, girl stuff. Ok, enough. Today I woke up around 6.57 a.m (woke up at 6 a.m earlier on for Subuh prayers but as usual, went back to sleep again) and I was just still feeling very sleepy and my head just heavy on pillows, ahaha. I woke up and saw a text from my sweetheart :)
After he called, I went back to sleep again.

In the afternoon, something happened and it got me feeling sad :(
My boyfriend texts me, saying something happened to him (I'm not going to tell in details..). If I were there, maybe we both would be crying together on the side of the road. I'm still very much feeling sad, still. I just can't stand it when something bad happen to the person that I love and cared about. That also includes my family and close friends.. It's just heart breaking :'(
I hope that he feels better soon.. Much love <33333333

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