Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hello Mr. Right

I felt like I've found my Mr.Right. Even though he is not right beside me at the moment! Hahaha. He's far away in another part of Malaysia :) Feels like we really have to meet each other. When was the last time I feel very in love (and keeps my mind in check at the same time!) and dying to meet someone even though we've just known each other through Facebook, texting and phone calls? I can say, none! I've been in past relationships and each one taught me valuable lessons every time. And that lessons brought me to a conclusion of how I will know if I've finally found my Mr.Right someday.

Seems like it doesn't make sense to you isn't it? But if you know what's in my shoes then you will be saying the same thing. But anyhow, I'm really happy that I found someone, a part of me which is out there.. Someone that also likes me for my personality and think that it's cute (: I really feels like he's a part of me. Almost like a male me hahaha. And things were (and) are also creepy..Everything in my life leads to him. And I mean almost everything! Numbers, letters, Facebook quizzes (??) LOL. I know, I know..we can't really trust those kinda things right? :( But one thing for sure, I trust how I feel and how my mind got me thinking right now.. (:

And now, I felt like stating the similarities between us hahaha ok ok, I don't know if you'd think this is gedik or giddy or whatever, but just something I'd like you to know, I guess..And something to write:
1. His name initials, GN and my name initials, NA. GN & NA
2. The last number of his phone is 3553 and mine is
3. We are the eldest child
4. Our youngest siblings are sister
5. We have a thing for Milo with biscuits
6. Our favourite colour is black and we think there's no such thing as too much black
7. His favourite number is 8 and my birthday is 88, my dad's car plate number is 88, and my
house is number 8
8. We were born on angka ganjil. He's 3 and I'm 29
9. We are both romantic individuals ( Ahaha errr -,-" )
10. We are both faithful individuals
11. Both of us love Nando's and curry (especially chicken curry and curry kurma)
12. Both of us love KFC Snack Plate
13. Both of us love green tea. Green tea ice-cream. Green tea drinks @_@

Ok, it's just 13 for now ^.^ And maybe I'll add some more if I finds anything new..

There's so much to say as to why I said that I've found my Mr.Right. He has the qualities that I'm looking for in a guy. I'd say 99%. And what's more important thing that I've been trying find for years is someone that I truly understands.

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