Friday, July 3, 2009

Fever and Flu ~

Hey there
I'm having fever and flu at the moment.. And now..the cough just came in! Argh!!! I don't like this. I don't like it at all ~ Everything just doesn't feel right :(
There will be inpromptu speech tomorrow. English class. With my voice and the cough, I'm not sure how it will turn like.. I hope everything will turn out smoothly :(
I feel bad for having to turn down Aida tonight.. But it's something out of my reach. I wanted to go but my dad didn't allow me to. I'm still in the flu/fever mode.. T.T

I was on Facebook and I don't know how to put this :/
I've been eyeing this one girl since I was on Myspace.. Her name is Evangeline. On Fb, she puts her display name as Esi Kangal.. I was just curious.. And yes, curious >.<
I know it's a bad thing :/ Why would I be curious? She's friends with Stefan.. Err..Wolfi. Ok, I'm jealous that Wolfi gave Evangeline had given 4 hearts on that Heart Application. And having to look that Wolfi puts her as his number 1 friend on Myspace :(
Well, I've been curious for a long time.. Ever since last year. But anyway, no hard feelings :p
Lol, I don't know why I should write these anyways O.O"
Well, maybe if I write it down, then it won't be on my chest

I hope my cough will be gone a.s.a.p

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